How to Turn Baby Shower Gifts Into a $1 Million

Babies are expensive. And we haven’t even had one yet. We were thrown a total of three baby showers in all. Well, I use the term “we” loosely. I didn’t attend any of them because apparently they’re more geared toward women. In fact, I happened to walk in toward the end of the first baby shower. […]

The Ultimate Delivery Room Mix Tape

The world is a scary place. Terrorism. Global warming. Ballooning national debt. Bullying. Drugs. The Kardashians. Female drivers. And I’m just getting started! Yup. The world is a scary place. And we’re about to bring a little tiny human being into it! There’s a lot to worry about as a soon-to-be parent. I could certainly […]

Richie’s Ground Rules

Judging by the number of times our dogs have pooped on the nursery floor in the last few weeks, I think they’ve figured out what’s going on. And also, Richie told me. For those who don’t know, Richie is our 1.5-year old cockapoo. We also have a 6-month old cockapoo named Ollie, but he hasn’t […]

The Name is Revealed: Donald Trump Richardson

Just kidding. I just wanted to try some click bait. Apparently, the hardest part of a pregnancy is not the pain and discomfort. It’s not the exams. It’s not the labor and delivery. The hardest part of a pregnancy is picking a name for the baby! Actually, I wouldn’t really know. Katie will have to […]

The Results are In! And Boy was it Close…

See what I did there? Hilarious. The polls are closed and the results are in. “Girl” won the popular vote by a very slim margin. Like ONE vote. But this time, the Electoral College (or “God”) was the deciding factor: It’s a boy! That’s what the piece of paper said, at least. Hopefully they’ve perfected […]