This is my disclaimer. I don’t know why I need one, but everyone else is doing it. So here goes:


Everything I publish on this site is my opinion. It’s for informational and entertainment purposes only. I’m not a doctor, psychologist, scientist, magician, acrobat, or any other type of registered professional. I’m just a guy who likes to write about my thoughts.

If you decide to implement or take action on anything I write about, that’s of your own free will. And it’s at your own risk. What is this “risk?” I have no idea. I make no guarantees or warranties about anything. Again, I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I just write about things I enjoy — things that work for me.

And I do hope you enjoy my content. But like everything else you read on the internet, don’t take it too seriously. It’s simply for your enjoyment.

External Links

You’ll find links throughout most of the content on this website. These links are in the articles, sidebars, headers, footers, etc. And they will take you to other websites.

Some of the links are to other resources or articles on other websites. They’re just for your reference. I don’t vouch for anything on those other sites.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links are “affiliate links.” They will take you to other websites where you may be asked to purchase something. Examples include:

And here’s what you need to know about them:

  1. If you decide to purchase the item or product through an affiliate link, then I’ll receive a commission from that website. This doesn’t cost you a penny extra. The cost to you is the same as if you purchased the product without using my link. And sometimes, it’s even cheaper for you. But just know that it doesn’t cost you anything extra.
  2. More importantly, I don’t recommend garbage. If I recommend a book, it’s because I’ve read it and I think it’s a great book. If I recommend products or services, it’s because I’ve purchased or used them and I like them.

I don’t litter this website with advertisements or links to anything under the sun. I only recommend something if I think it’s beneficial to you.

I have a reputation to maintain, after all.