It’s Voting Season! And Your Vote Counts!

Here we are again. Another election year! There’s nothing I love more than a bunch of old, privileged white men arguing about who will do a better job of spending all the tax revenue from the middle class in between bites from their $1,000 per plate fundraising dinners.

Except for maybe an ice pick lobotomy. That sounds fun!

But you know what is fun? Voting.

Voting is fun. Especially when you know that your vote can directly affect the results! Doesn’t it feel good when you fill out that ballot (or click that button on the Survey Monkey email)? Real change is about to happen. Somebody somewhere is listening to you and respecting your opinion. You matter. Your vote matters. That’s what democracy is all about!

Oh, yeah. We’re pregnant.

I guess I forgot to mention that. So… “We’re knocked up!” Or, “We’re expecting!” Katie and I are having a baby, just to be clear. This is our official announcement to the world!

How is this related to an election, you might ask?

On or about July 22nd of this year, we will be “with child.” Supposedly the gender of Baby Richardson is already determined. Something about God or chromosomes or global warming or something. But we aren’t too sure about that.

Because of some sort of science, we are going to find out the gender of Baby Richardson sometime within the next week. Katie’s doctor is going to give her a sealed envelope on Wednesday or so. And in that envelope is going to be a huge check because apparently it costs like $9,000,000 to raise a child to 18 and doctors make a lot of money. But also in that envelope will be the results of a blood test that tells us whether Baby Richardson will be a boy or a girl.

Our theory is that it isn’t official until we receive the test results. So we have somewhere between 3 and 5 days to help sway the polls! 3 to 5 days to make a real impact on the outcome of the gender of Baby Richardson! ROCK THE VOTE! VOTE OR DIE! (Wow. Are there any other horrible voter motivation slogans out there?)

So Katie might be mad if I’m not at least serious for a minute. Yes, we know your vote doesn’t impact the already-determined sex of our child. But we also know that it’s pretty fun to try and guess! In fact, quite a few of you have already made your picks.

We thought it would be fun to put up a poll and see how many people are right. So what do you think? Boy or girl? Or did I affect your vote by listing boy before girl? Fine: girl or boy?

Honestly, all we care about is having a healthy baby. That’s our only prayer. So all the rest is just for fun.

So thanks for following along, and let us know what your vote is! We will make an announcement later this week when we find out the gender!

Remember: YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Vote now or forever hold your peace!

And once we know the gender, then we will have a poll where you all get to pick the name!

Yeah. Right.

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